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January 22, 2010


Danna Staaf

Oh man that's awesome! I am going to suggest that she cover dicyemids...


OK, here's a note to the dissertation service spammers who seem attracted to my posts like bees to nectar: I ALREADY WROTE ONE. I don't need your experts to do a literature search, identify a problem, or write up the analysis or conclusions -- I already did it, all by myself. In fact, I also designed the experiments for my thesis and built the equipment I needed to carry them out, though I don't see those tasks on your advertised list of services. And no, I don't want to join your purported ranks of Ph.D.s pushing these cut-rate fake documents on people who want to cheat their way to better credentials. A dissertation should be the product of serious and original intellectual work, not a piece of subpar drivel off the internet. Unless, I suppose, you're studying trends of subpar internet drivel.

In short, if you keep linking here, I'll just keep deleting you. With extreme prejudice.

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