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November 03, 2009


Thom H.

Was somebody named Xenu involved in this? ;-)

And although it's fun to play around with ideas like this, it seems unreasonable. Much like aliens abducting humans to do anal probes or collect sperm. Any beings with the technology to master interstellar travel would have sufficient technology to gather medical data on humans without invasive probes (think MRI scans at the very least), or do genetic studies and cloning with a few skin cells. So I'm thinking any alien civilization with the power to aim asteroids would also have the power to just vaporize their enemies without resorting to a game of celestial Asteroids.

Ian M

Well, it might be a lot cheaper to simply drop a big rock rather than waste an expensive nuke or two. Either way, assuming your targetting is good, the target WILL go away. ;)

Interesting speculation, but note that a lot of impact craters have been found (or, to be more accurate, identified as such) in recent years - some in the ocean and others on land. That at least a couple might be in coastal regions does not exactly seem weird to me, even if they both arrived at about the same time.

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