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December 11, 2006


Thom H.

Yes, but I sure hope there's not a web cam at my local watering hole. :-)

Keep up the great posts, I may not comment on all of them but I read every one.

Thom H.

I watched the watering hole off and on over a period of about 20 hours with nothing but a few birds and something swirling in the water. Then about 20 minutes ago a herd of antelopes showed up. Maybe Thompson's Gazelles or something similar in size, coloration and horn shape. Also a pair of wart hogs and a small crocodile or very large lizard (2.5' - 3'). Also caught a glimpse of a monkey scampering through a tree in the background. Cool!

Thom H.

Darn, this could become habit forming. The warthogs only stayed for about 10 minutes, the antelopes stayed about another 5 minutes after that and then all of them disappeared. After about 10 more minutes a small herd of wildebeasts (6 to 10) showed up, stayed around for about 10 minutes then sauntered off.
Just imagine all of the parasites that might be out there. :-)

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