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September 29, 2006



Now I am just completely and totally ooked out.


What are you ooking at? The worm part, the eye part, or the "this guy lives in the same state as me!" part?

Thom H.

I certainly hope that there are none of the fly hosts here in America and that this nematode is host-specific enough not to be able to utilize any or our own biting flies. I'm sure I have quite enough parasites living on me already without having one swimming across my eyeball.

Chris Higgins

I have a parsite that is in my eye. Not on the out side but in it. It is transparent and floats around with in my vision parameters. It has a split tail and a tounge that is split about half way. In the center of the parasite is like a knot that makes it look like the two parts of the lower body are connected. The head looks like that of a snake or a dragon. Also there are little dot like substances floating near it and it looks like it's trying to eat them. I would like to know what kind of parasite it is and how to get rid of it?


If you think that being a person with eye worm is gross, try being that person's fiance during that supposed 'romantic' time in your relationship. It was no pleasure trip, let me tell you!


wow thats discusting you should shower!


wow thats discusting you should shower! you are sick i never herd of such disturbing behavior! its called a shower step in the tub and use some soap.


Sally, I don't think you've quite grasped what's happening here. If the worm had been on the *outside* of John's eye, I'm sure he would have cleaned it off. But it was on the *inside* of his eye. Fortunately, the deworming medication works great.

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