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September 22, 2006


Brian Rogers

That's really rather gross. To think people once assumed that everything in nature was friendly.


I caught a tomato horn worm to which the same thing happened.

Normally my vast childhood curiosity would have resulted in me keeping it to see what kind of insect came out of the pupa however...

The thought of any creature burrowing through the skin of another creature after eating the insides just revolted me to no end and I smashed it. LOL

Engr. Alexander S. Pascual

Braconid can be produced at a minimal cost by small farmers. Host-rearing and mass-production take more or less 60 days and very similar to Trichogramma production.I believe braconid is one of the parasitoids that can control a wide-range of agricultural insects (i.e. larvae, eggs and nymphs.

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