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May 11, 2006



I love this sort of study. Detailed, painstaking minutiae that overturns a preconceived wisdom. Beautiful stuff.

David Medlyn

We are involved in an experiment to determine tick activity before durring and after the first frost. Any advice on methods for collection.


I found this survey very informative but i have to ask after scouring the internet, is there any way to rid ticks of a medium size yard? i live in a fairly wooded area in Bartlett Illinois and am frustrated with the insane tick numbers in the spring and summer. ususally i spend most of my outdoors time beween the lawnand the forest(in a pea gravel covered area). I heard sulfur works well for repelling. I dont mind how harsh the repellant is but i wouldnt want to clear the forest surrounding my yard.


You might try clearing out brush and leaf litter (that is, tick habitat) to make a buffer zone between the forest and your lawn. But I expect it would be more effective to apply some insect repellent with DEET to your own skin and check thoroughly after you come inside than to try to turn your yard into a tick-free zone.

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