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December 21, 2005



I kept waiting for some sort of judicial deus ex machina, where the "divine watchmaker" would testify Goody Proctor style.

I'm guessing that whatever supernatural force is the engine of evolution wasn't home when they served the court summons.

Yay Dover!

Josh C

I'm still hopeful for Ohio getting a discount. Realistically, I think it won't work out though.

Richard Hayes

It always amazes me that important decisions are placed in the hands of fools such as Judge Jones. His judgement was highly subjective and obviously biased. The question, "Is Intelligent Design scientific?" should also have been asked of the theory of evolution, "Is evolution scientific?", and the answer for all INTELLIGENT people is No! Evolution is totally false, just an unproven theory. The question asked should have been, "Which is TRUTH, Intelligent Design or evolution, to which there is only one answer, I.D. can be tested and proven, evolution can't.


Okay, Mr. Hayes, prove Intelligent Design. It should be simple: show us the designer and explain how he modifies species. Does he round up individuals and alter their genes? Where is his lab? Can he be prosecuted for creating harmful organisms?

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