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December 20, 2005



I had no idea that Northerners considered the solstice to be the first day of the season. Down Under, the first day of summer is held to be December 1st; the ensuing three calendar months correlate reasonably well with the hottest time of year; at least, well enough so that no-one gets their purist knickers in a twist about it.



Well, if you asked anyone up here to name the winter months, they'd probably tell you December, January and February, too. It's a technicality that only the last third of December is technically winter.

Though it does make more sense for March to begin as winter and end as spring, adding official weight to the old saying that it comes in like a lion and goes out like a lamb.

And June 21 as the beginning of summer makes perfect sense, as it usually does hit pretty close to the boundary between pleasant, breezy flowery weather and oppressive heat.


"It would seem obvious that a day cannot simultaneously be the middle and the beginning of winter."

Obviously a day can simultaneously be the middle and the beginning of winter, as long as it's also the end.


The 21st was claimed to be the date of solstices and equinoxes by Julius Caesar, which founded the Julian Calendar, introducing leap years in order to maintain these dates constant.
Later in 1482, some rounding errors were corrected by the Gregorian calendar, still in use nowaday. But why such efforts from the Church to maintain constant some hypothetical astromical date ?
Because vernal equinox is used for calculation of Easters date, of course !


Midwinter's day is midwinters day because it is the center of the cold season of the year, "winter." The "astronomers" publish blatant falshood by trying to claim it as the beginning when any fool can who has suffered through the snows of December know clearly that it is not. Summer Solstice is "midsummer's day" too. I'm trying to track down why the "astronomers" continually lie to the people with such an obviously falshood. Who told them to promote such obvious nonsense? Why are they so determined to prove themeselves idiots? If you know when the ididots of "science" started pandering to obvioulsy false claims please pass it to the e-mail address shown.
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